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Services On-site

Infirmaries or In-House Clinics at the premises of the client in which case, Total House Clinic provides management and staff.
At the request of the client, Total House Clinic will be able to establish and manage an infirmary in the premises of the client.

The features of which include:

  • Provision of staff to manage an infirmary in a space provided by the client on site.
  • Maintain a log book with all medical activities performed at the infirmary.
  • Make a proposal for the equipment for the infirmary.
  • Establish a list of medicine needed for the infirmary.
  • Established a weekly and monthly inventory of medicine and edit a monthly report of medicine.
  • Offer First Aid Training for staff.

Staff will continue to use their health insurance cards. Our clients will bear no extra cost apart from providing space.

Advantages include:

  • Access to healthcare made easy
  • Staffs do not have to leave the office premises to access health leading to low absenteeism and increase productivity.
  • Same medical staff attends to staff.
  • The company will be able to track the health of its staff

This service is currently being provided for clients such as:

  • Moevenpick Ambassador Hotel
  • Golden Tulip Hotel
  • Holiday Inn
  • Barclays Bank
  • Tigo
  • Kempinski Hotel
  • J.K. Horgle Transport and Company Limited