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Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Breast Cancer Update (2017)

Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Breast Cancer Update (2017)

*Do you know that:*
🔺Breast cancer is the commonest cancer in Ghana?
🔺Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Ghana?
🔺 More than 60% of women with breast cancer in Ghana report late or delay treatment, and that this is the reason for most deaths?
🔺 Almost all cases of early breast cancer can be cured with the right treatment at hospital?
🔺 Breast cancer usually starts as a painless lump in the breast? Please do not wait for a lump to become painful before reporting to the hospital

*What should you do? Are you over 20 years old?*
🔺 Examine your breasts once every month.
🔺 Ever had your breasts examined by a doctor? Get a clinical breast examination done every 3 years if you are over 20, and every year if you are more than 40.
🔺 Get screened for breast cancer; get a mammogram 1-2 yearly if you are more than 40.
🔺 If you notice any changes in your breast, report early at a hospital and comply with treatment.

*Don’t waste time trying unproven treatments!*

*Early detection and effective treatment save lives*
This message is from the Korle Bu breast cancer team. Forward this to all your friends. You may save a life.

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